Wednesday, October 22, 2008
sosweetpliz announcement
hi kapkek lovers..

so hows your raya??
as for us.. i think it is one of the best aidilfitri ever..
juz wanna make a short announcement..
im sorry for not replying your email..
until now im not sure when we'll start accepting orders..
my sis might be moving to KL..
and she's the designer.. so it will be a problem la..
so we're NOT SURE whether we'll be accepting order only on weekends or we'll not be accepting orders anymore...

"BUT for those who still want to order our cupcakes for engagement / wedding (hantaran or wedding favors) yang design die adalah bunga-bungaan (floral) , saya boleh terima tempahan anda .. bcoz bunga2 saya boleh design.. :)"
tp kalau nak corak lain2 sorry ye.. i still tak mahir..

so watch out for tis space ya for future announcement..
thanx for the support..
and sorry for not being able to reply ur email and accepting orders..

much love,

♥ ♥ cuppy divas @ 11:05 AM ♥ ♥


Anne & Aiza


we ONLY accept order thru email
please order 2 weeks in advance
we're close on Sunday & Monday
And please also take note that we are unable to do delivery service
All orders are to be self-picked at our place in Klang (map will be provided once the order is confirm)
click -> HOW TO ORDER


Price List
-> click H E R E

Available Flavor
-> vanila

Available Icing/Frosting
-> Buttercream Icing

Available Fillings (medium or large only)
-> wildberry or chocolate chip

Available Sizes *click to know the details*
-> supermini (49 or 64 cuppies)
-> medium (16 cuppies)
-> large (16 cuppies)
-> Wedding/Engagement Cupcakes

Design / Theme
-> For the design, please let us know the theme you required. No charges will be apply as long as the theme is not too complicated. If you dont have any specific theme, please let us know your preferred colors (max 4 colors) for your cupcakes. No additional charges for wordings too.


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