Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Hendak KASI GEGAR????
Hi kapkek lovers..

this is not an update..
juz nak buat announcement..
whether u all are interested to join these 2 xtvts..

Venue : TGV KLCC
Time : 910pm (registration kul 830pm)
Date : 1 June 2007 (Jumaat)
Tiket : RM10 (adult) RM5(children)

Venue : Flamingo Ampang
Time : 1030 am
Date : 3 June 2007 (Ahad)
Bayaran : RM15.90 (3 game + shoes) tp sila bawa stokin sendiri

if u are interested to join, do email us by 29 MAY 2007 (selasa) to ketuakampung[at]kasigegar[dot]com
jangan lepaskan peluang ini..
insya Allah aizat will be at least one of the event.
hope to see u there..

much love,
The Sosweetpliz Cuppies Divas


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Sunday, May 27, 2007
hai penchenta kapkek semua..

we're updating more on our latest cupcakes..
but before that..
juz wanna inform u all cupcakes lovers that..
the dates yang i'll mention below sudah penuh..

13th - 18th June 2007
21st - 25th June 2007
28th June 07 - 1st July 2007
5th - 8th July 2007
17th - 20th July 2007

to those yang i dah confirmed..no need to worry ok..

again i would like to mentioned that..
1. we ONLY accept order thru email -> sosweetpliz[at]gmail[dot]com
2. please leave ur contact number in ur email
3. to those yang dah confirm ordernye, PLEASE SMS or CALL us 2 days before ur pick up to confirm whether u all jadi amek ke tak..

thanx darling

enjoy the pixies

Tina yang sangat friendly ordered this for her bf

kapkek ini masih menanti tuannya utk datang menjemputnya

Adzah ordered these 1000 superminis as dessert for her wedding and she customized the design too.. Selamat Pengantin Baru

Nani ordered these 3 boxes of different sizes sosweetpliz kapkek

Adibah ordered this and also our blueberry cheesecake in a cup

Nolila ordered these 2 boxes of sosweetpliz cuppies

Khalidia wanted to order our cupcakes for her wedding this November but her mom wanted to taste and see how our cuppies looks like

A birthday gift from Naz to Ina

thanx again for visiting and ordering our cupcakes..


much love,
The Sosweetpliz Cupcakes Divas

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007
more kek cawan from SOSWEETPLIZ!!
today, kapkek kami telah terselit dalam rancangan DEKO BERSAMA ERIC, di astro ria pukul 9.30 mlm tadi.. to tiara, thanks for the sms... terharu nengok kapkek kami di kaca tv.. :P btw, ur house sangat cantik.. jealous!

note to everyone ye, those yg email kami and still hasnt receive any reply, tolong bersabar ye.. we will try to reply it as soon as possible.. and those yg kami tak dapat menerima tempahan, maaf banyak2 ye.. kami cuba memenuhi semua permintaan tp apa kan daya, kami ni manusia biasa.. kalau saya ada 6 tangan, maybe saya leh amik order sehari sepuluh kotak kot.. :)

and please do not place your order thru SMS or YM.. order cuma valid jika di email.. and if you have any question ke, please email juga ye.. atleast, your order or question tak hilang.. and PLEASE PLEASE RECONFIRM YOUR ORDER 2 DAYS before your pickup date.. sbb klo x reconfirm, we will assume the order tu cancel.. maklum la, some of u place your order like 2 months in advance, takut ada yg terlupa ke or ada hal ke.. we will email you or call you to remind abt your order, tp some of you tak tinggalkan phone no, and bila email tak reply.. so to be safe, sila la reconfirm ye.. nnt bazir je buat kapkek tp takde org pickup..

ok ni ada few more cupcakes yg gue mau update.. and again, to those yg order our cuppies, thank you so much!! :)
aishah ordered this for her friend's engagement
Faizah who is now in melbourne ordered these 2 boxes of cuppies

a birthday cuppies from Eija to her sister
tasha is a big fan of arsenal
amrina ordered this lady bird & butterfly cuppies
a birthday cuppies from shahnaz to her loving mother
kak tie ordered this for her hubby & daughter
specially for our cousin abg g yang cam biskut
rafidah ordered this powerpuff girl & hello kitty cuppies for her daughter's birthday
specially from atiqah
santha customized the design of this cupcakes
another cuppies ordered by atiqah
a bmw theme for tasha's dad..enjoy ur retirement uncle
ummu ordered these 3 boxes of flowery cupcakes

a gift from aizat to dato' siti nurhaliza & dato' khalid



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Monday, May 14, 2007
Sosweetpliz Update Part 2
another update..
again will update the caption for each pixies later..

Lynn Azura wanted a flowery (green + pink) cupcakes
Lolyta ordered these 2 boxes of cuppies utk makan2

these 2 boxes of cupcakes are specially made for the AIZONERS

Azmah ordered a girly2 cuppies for her daughter's bday
a birthday cuppies from fuzah to rizal
a gift for the nurses from my along
a gift from my mother to her former colleagues
Syafinaz ordered these 2 boxes of cupcakes for her nephew

Happy Birthday Auntie Miratun
A mother's day cupcakes from zaza
Normaina ordered this for her friend's bday
Azman wanted to suprise her wife with this bday cuppies..aww sosweetpliz
cam biasala..ni lyna & hafiz punye.. :)



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Sosweetpliz Update Part 1
hi alls...

sorry for the lack of update..
later i will add the caption for every pixies..
enjoy the pixies..

this cupcakes is specially made to cater lyna & hubby craving for our frosting
Suhaila ordered this for her baby girl
Munirah ordered this for her hubby/fiance/bf (?)
and this one is for her colleagues
a birthday cupcakes for my niece Lysha
Rafiza ordered this for her niece's burpsday
my 2nd cousin ordered this for her daughter's birthday
a teletubbies cuppies for Fazida..a tq cuppies
she ordered 500 of superminis as a desert for her sister's wedding

Azilinda ordered these wedding/engagement favors & 2 boxes of sosweetpliz cuppies
Amir ordered this for her gf..awww sosweetpliz
a birthday cuppies for our uncle acik dan & our kezen cuki
Eiyra ordered this very jiwang cupcakes
a friend of a friend ordered these 2 boxes of cupcakes

Meen ordered this for her Mama

to be continued..


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Anne & Aiza


we ONLY accept order thru email
please order 2 weeks in advance
we're close on Sunday & Monday
And please also take note that we are unable to do delivery service
All orders are to be self-picked at our place in Klang (map will be provided once the order is confirm)
click -> HOW TO ORDER


Price List
-> click H E R E

Available Flavor
-> vanila

Available Icing/Frosting
-> Buttercream Icing

Available Fillings (medium or large only)
-> wildberry or chocolate chip

Available Sizes *click to know the details*
-> supermini (49 or 64 cuppies)
-> medium (16 cuppies)
-> large (16 cuppies)
-> Wedding/Engagement Cupcakes

Design / Theme
-> For the design, please let us know the theme you required. No charges will be apply as long as the theme is not too complicated. If you dont have any specific theme, please let us know your preferred colors (max 4 colors) for your cupcakes. No additional charges for wordings too.


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