Monday, April 9, 2007
sosweetpliz LOVES kapkek!!!!!!
to my dear cupcakes lovers..

thanx a lot for the great responses & feedback..
alhamdulillah..this hobby of ours has turned into a good business..
as we said before..we enjoy baking & decorating the cupcakes for u ols..
so keep them coming ok... :)

and btw...order for this weekend (Friday 13april- Sunday 15april> week (Today 9th April - Sunday 15th April) is CLOSED...
as im going *somewhere* and leaving my sister alone to do all the work..
and beside...order yang diterima cukup utk membuatkan kami tak tidur malam..
and if you would like to place an order, it is adviseable to email us 7 days before..
and selagi we all tak reply ur email, ur order is not yet confirm ok dear..

our weekend cuppies..enjoy

thanx lolyta for sending us the pics..hope u like the cuppies

my loyal customer, Rafiza ordered this as a farewell gift for her friend
a farewell gift for our niece & nephew..tulis jawi lagi
eyzzah ordered this for her sisters..sisterly love
my very creative customer,lynahafiz she designed it and let my sister 'tatoo'ed it
another one of her creative design..for her darling hubby
my neighbour jj ordered this to bring it to her officemate at petronas kerteh
for Dona's little boy Danial, doraemon & dragonball design with japanese writing
Sherina yg sangat friendly ordered this for her friend Alin, barbie design
Eza ordered this for her parent's wedding anniversary another loyal customer of ours,Anita ordered this for her parent's anniversary
Mastura, my kezen's neighbour ordered this
Nani ordered this cuppies..simply because her father loves gardening and they love cats..

Sarina juz wanted to taste the cuppies..hope u like it dear
a gift from shikin to her darling hubby..sosweetpliz
ermie ordered this for her friend's babyshower
Tatie ordered this for her lovely daughter
another loyal customer, Fatie yang berdarah manis :) wanted a flowery design with pastel colourFatie punya jugak
ni pon Fatie punya jugak :)
sepupuku yang gile itu, Cuki ordered this for his officemate..very psychedallic (??)
another one for Miss Sherina, a birthday cuppies for her fiance, liverpool & snooker design
Sall ordered this as a birthday gift for her friend Maria

ingat cupcakes..ingat SOSWEETPLIZ
and jangan lupe..


♥ ♥ cuppy divas @ 2:05 AM ♥ ♥


Anne & Aiza


we ONLY accept order thru email
please order 2 weeks in advance
we're close on Sunday & Monday
And please also take note that we are unable to do delivery service
All orders are to be self-picked at our place in Klang (map will be provided once the order is confirm)
click -> HOW TO ORDER


Price List
-> click H E R E

Available Flavor
-> vanila

Available Icing/Frosting
-> Buttercream Icing

Available Fillings (medium or large only)
-> wildberry or chocolate chip

Available Sizes *click to know the details*
-> supermini (49 or 64 cuppies)
-> medium (16 cuppies)
-> large (16 cuppies)
-> Wedding/Engagement Cupcakes

Design / Theme
-> For the design, please let us know the theme you required. No charges will be apply as long as the theme is not too complicated. If you dont have any specific theme, please let us know your preferred colors (max 4 colors) for your cupcakes. No additional charges for wordings too.


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