Wednesday, March 28, 2007
More Cuppies
More n more cuppies from our kitchen.. Thanks a lot for those of u who gave us the faith in making your cuppies...

I would like to state here once again that, WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR ANY CUSTOMIZATION... as long as it is not tooooo complicated ok! and secondly, we would like to announce that WE ARE UNABLE TO DO DELIVERIES AT THE MOMENT. Tak cukup tangan la u ols nak hantar cuppies.. sorry again.. Please also be informed that every saturday, starting next week, WE WILL BE IN KL. So u can come and pickup our cuppies from 1pm - 5pm. We will be at DESA PALMA, Persiaran Madge KL. Belakang Lanson Place tuh.. buzz us for more info on tht!

Here are our babycuppies.. hehe..

Made this for daddy's fren UNCLE ZUL..

made this for Zalia, she wanted something in pale & shocking pink

these 2 boxes for Butterfly theme are for kak anne's fren, Orizanelli

Anniversary cuppies for Khairul Bahriah's parents. She actually ordered 3 boxes from us, the liverpool cuppies, the romantic anniversary (pic below) and our blueberry cheesecake.

This 49ers are for Noor Asdiana

Our blueberry cheesecake in mini size (not for sale yet). This one bawak for makan2 masa gi nengok concert AF. AFUNDI AIZAT!

For mr Bryan Tan, from our bro Abg Halim & wife, Kak ros.

yes peeps, newest member in our family. The Gift set.
30 cuppies boxed in this lovely takeaway red box for RM25.

yg atas tu for my bro's fren. Ms Cher. Eppy Burpsday

yang atas ni for AMIR LUQMAN. Designer tersohor masa kini.

this 49ers plak, for kak yasmin, kak anne's ex colleague
and zarina from telekom ordered 2 boxes for our 49ers, one for farewell to Sean Tay and one for the birthday gurl, Maziyah.. She's 2 btw..

Fatie, our loyal customer ordered 3 boxes of our cuppies in all sizes.. And she wants her cuppies to be like Jamal's cuppies.. hehe.. Jamal darling, design u sgt glemer!

and liya who got her suprise birthday cuppies frm her sister last week, ordered one box and she wanted the same theme as her bday cuppies..

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
For Their Special Someone
what these 3 cuppy lovers have in common??
they're sharing what they loves with those who are special in their life..

for our past customer to her sister liya as a suprise

for our niece Nanie to her friend for her birthday

for our niece Zanna to her classmates..

hope u all enjoy the cuppies as much as we enjoy baking & decorate it for u..

our order for this SATURDAY (24th MARCH 07) is now closed..
thanx u ols..

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Our Celebrity Cuppies Lover
sosweetpliz proudly present ..

Mrs Nora Danish and her celebrity friends enjoying her burpsday cuppies

ingat cupcakes ingat sosweetpliz :)


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Friday, March 16, 2007
A Family Cuppies..
Hi all cupcakes lover..

these are our last order before we close the kitchen for this weekend..
in few hours time we'll be flying to yogyakarta with our mom and our kezens..
nonie..thanx a lot for ordering our cuppies..
hope that ur family will enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it for them..

take care...


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Monday, March 12, 2007
Our Latest Yummylicious & Pretty Cupcakes
hi all...

sorry for the lack of updates...
blogger jadi sewel skrg nih..
so here are all the cuppies that was ordered from 2nd march until now..
enjoy the pixies..
and to all my customers..
thanx a lot for trusting us...
hope that there'll be more after this..
and thanx again for the great responses and feedback..
we love you lots..

for liza

for rahah,her sisters & nephews

for nadia

also for nadia

for syiqah..celebrating her birthday

for syiqah..she's giving the cuppies as a wedding gift for her friend

a birthday gift box from anna to her friend sherry

the birthday cuppies

for leen..she wanted the girly girly theme for her nieces & nephew

for syahidah our ex neighbour

for fariz..he juz wanted to eat the cuppies

for mr mujahid

for tasha..she wanted the kinky winky theme..gatal cam orgnye :p

specially for our kezen Aizat.. AFUNDI AIZAT ok u ols

for our kezen cuki..

for leen again..she wanted to bring the cuppies for her client..DIGI

another one for mr mujahid..cream cheese frosting

for kak zie's little boy and his classmate

for rahah..from her fiance

for amir luqman's sister..sweet 16

something i did..japanese writing

for sabb to her darling united theme

for fatie..she wanted the cuppies for her little niece

for fatie..her niece Balqis is celebrating her birthday

a gift from kak ema to ida for her engagement

nicely decorated with flowers

for eleen's engagement hantaran

beautifully decorated

also for eleen's a favors for the guest

the cuppies inside

a welcome home cuppies for linda from neeza

a birthday cuppies from isma to mrs nora danish

another one for eleen's engagement..superminis

from a gift to his cousin for her wedding

also for jamal

for anita..she's celebrating her 1 year & 4 month anniversary

for nida..she wanted the elmo's world theme

for yulie..specially for her little nieces

for nita..she wanted to give the cuppies to her bestfriend

for azza..she wanted the flamboyant park theme

our loyal customer miss rafiza..again..the flamboyant park theme

thanx again you all..
do check this website for future updates okie..


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Anne & Aiza


we ONLY accept order thru email
please order 2 weeks in advance
we're close on Sunday & Monday
And please also take note that we are unable to do delivery service
All orders are to be self-picked at our place in Klang (map will be provided once the order is confirm)
click -> HOW TO ORDER


Price List
-> click H E R E

Available Flavor
-> vanila

Available Icing/Frosting
-> Buttercream Icing

Available Fillings (medium or large only)
-> wildberry or chocolate chip

Available Sizes *click to know the details*
-> supermini (49 or 64 cuppies)
-> medium (16 cuppies)
-> large (16 cuppies)
-> Wedding/Engagement Cupcakes

Design / Theme
-> For the design, please let us know the theme you required. No charges will be apply as long as the theme is not too complicated. If you dont have any specific theme, please let us know your preferred colors (max 4 colors) for your cupcakes. No additional charges for wordings too.


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