Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Very Bz Wednesday
first of all..
we would like to say thank you so much for the great responses that we received so far..
eventho we're still new in this business, alhamdulillah every week kitorg menerima order dari pelbagai pihak..
some are our friends, ada yang friends of friends..
so we would like to express our gratitude for trusting us..
and do keep supporting us..
and any comment to improve our cupcakes sangatla dialu-alukan..

today has been a very bz day for us..
a pictures is worth a thousand words..

cupcakes yang perlu dihantar today

for Ana (CS Mutiara Petroleum)

For Kak Elin'sbaby boy Efi

For Kak Lin (TM Berhad)

For my best friend Cik Itiks aka Azrah


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Monday, February 26, 2007
French Fountain
this is for my sister's friend Mujahid..
we got the inspiration during our holiday at colmar tropicale..
we try to make it kinda manly..
hope that he enjoyed the cuppies
the flavour is dark chocolate..
he ordered 49 superminis..

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i think somewhere in this blog i did say that we only take orders during the weekend, aite.. well, since we've started this 'lil venture' of ours, the responses that we get are extremely overwhelming, so we decided to accept orders during the weekdays too... and now my march planner is getting crowded which is a very good thing for us lah kan...

but i would to announce that WE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO ACCEPT ANY ORDERS FROM 13th March - 19th March because we are going to YOGJAKARTA! yippie..



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Sunday, February 25, 2007
My Sunday's Babies
here are my pinkish babies for Kak Azila's Daughther & Rafiza...

For kak azila, the theme was lucious pinkish for her princess

this is for Rafiza, design ala2 sommerset gitu.. hehe.. for her, the cuppies' flavor is chocolate..

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Friday, February 23, 2007
Alpine Forest
meet our newest cuppies, ALPINE FOREST..

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
How To Order & Price List

we realize that we forgot to give u details on how to order our cupcakes..
there are 3 ways u can order..

By Phone
Anne : +6012.270.3913
Aiza : +6019.380.0288

By Email

By Yahoo Messenger/MSN
Anne : lourenzar (YM) kinkysuccubus (MSN)
Aiza : chayunk (YM) grungebelle (MSN)

u can also add us at

Price List
cupcakes flavour : vanilla or chocolate

with Buttercream Icing Frosting
16 Cuppies (medium) = RM26
16 Cuppies (large) = RM30

with Chocolate Buttercream Icing Frosting
16 Cuppies (medium) = RM28
16 Cuppies (large) = RM32

with Cream Cheese Frosting
16 Cuppies (medium) = RM30
16 Cuppies (Large) = RM35

64 cuppies = RM45
49 cuppies = RM35

9 cuppies = RM25

check this website out for future updates and designs..

our location is at Klang..
map will be provided to you once u confirm your order
so far there's no deliveries services..
nevertheless u can always check with us the possibility of sending the cupcakes to u but bear in mind that there will be certain amount of delivery charges applied.

if anything do leave your comment or email us..

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wanna know our secret weapon?

got few questions from some of you out there asking me, how on earth do me & my sis got the courage to proceed with this lil venture of ours.. well, its simple.. THE NEVERENDING SUPPORT THAT WE'VE GOT FROM OUR FAMILY!!!! that is our strongest weapon of all.. and when i said family, i mean the whole big family mmkay...

here are one of the lil thingy thing they've done for us.. btw, tht's the interface of my Yahoo Messenger Family List.. ahhh so sweet puhleezz....!!!! to my family, we love you guys so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*


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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Flamboyant Park
Introducing sosweetpliz's FLAMBOYANT PARK
16 Large Cupcakes for RM30

our very happy customer.. HAPPY BURPSDAY BABE!!!

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Monday, February 19, 2007
happy customers & newest member in our cupcakes clan
My Happy Cuppies!!!!
Here are some of my happy cuppies lover with my cupcakes..

Sab & Kelahauuummm.. huhu!
Sherina my yayang..
Sheena & Shida with their personalized cupcakes..
sheena's bite
shida sayang nak makan the cupcakes
zexylicious strut by my cutie nieces, Alin, Wawa & Nuris
tgh berebut pilih cupcakes
sosweetpliz's angels
nawfal & nuris

Btw, here is our supermini size cupcakes.. suitable with kids birthday party or any party tht serves fingers food etc.. Made this for my 2 nephews, Syakir Aiman & Nazeef Aidan.. Kenduri cukur rambut and qiqah at my hometown Raub over the weekend.. and the kids love it so darn mucho..


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Friday, February 16, 2007
more cuppies... and our price list
yes yes.. akak agak productive hari ni.. hehe.. nways, here is my latest frosting flava.. its made of dark chocolate bar.. so its extremely chocolateygoodness.. akak suke ok!!! hehe..

Anyways, here is our price list.. This is our promotional price which valid for 2 months (Insya Allah)..
for starters, we will only offer 2 flavors with 3 different choices of frosting..

Butter Vanila or Butterchoc Cupcakes with Butter Cream Frosting
16 medium cupcakes = RM26
16 large cupcakes = RM30

Butter Vanila or Butterchoc Cupcakes with Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting
16 medium cupcakes = RM28
16 large cupcakes = RM32

Butter Vanila or Butterchoc Cupcakes with Creamcheese Frosting
16 medium cupcakes = RM30
16 large cupcakes = RM35

and i believe our price is among the lowest in the market.. this is our 1st attempt.. nak test market sket.. soon we will offer mini cupcakes size.. tungguuuuu!!!!

here is our large cupcakes (with choco buttercream frosting) & medium cupcakes (with buttercream frosting)

as for the design, soon i would upload the theme that we are offering.. you could also customize you cupcakes design but price mite be varies from the listed price, depending on the requirements..

and we are only open for order during the weekend.. and there's no delivery yet.. but just check with us about it, we mite be around your area, so the possiblity of sending it to you is possible.. but please bear that minimum delivery charges will be applied.. again, thanks for your support guys..

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flourish extravagance
today i did a batch of cuppy cakes to hand it out to few of my friends, just for fun lah.. and i came up with this theme, so called 'flourish extravangance'.. hahaa.. nama sgt bombastic kan.. u can see tht, there are quite a number of designs in this theme.. soon i will narrow it down to prolly 4 only.. and just play around with the color..

and pretty soon also, we will upload the price for our cupcakes and this blog will be having a major make over.. so sabar ye.. hehe.. nways, we are quite shock with the feedback tht we get from some of you.. thanks guys!!! Insya Allah, we will do our best keh.. yoroshiku onegaishimasu.. hehehehe..

doumo arigatougozaimasu...

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Anne & Aiza


we ONLY accept order thru email
please order 2 weeks in advance
we're close on Sunday & Monday
And please also take note that we are unable to do delivery service
All orders are to be self-picked at our place in Klang (map will be provided once the order is confirm)
click -> HOW TO ORDER


Price List
-> click H E R E

Available Flavor
-> vanila

Available Icing/Frosting
-> Buttercream Icing

Available Fillings (medium or large only)
-> wildberry or chocolate chip

Available Sizes *click to know the details*
-> supermini (49 or 64 cuppies)
-> medium (16 cuppies)
-> large (16 cuppies)
-> Wedding/Engagement Cupcakes

Design / Theme
-> For the design, please let us know the theme you required. No charges will be apply as long as the theme is not too complicated. If you dont have any specific theme, please let us know your preferred colors (max 4 colors) for your cupcakes. No additional charges for wordings too.


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